I’m (not) Thinking About Quitting Comedy

Something I keep seeing over the past couple years that’s been bothering me:

Every few months I see a couple of comedians making a vague status about how they want to ‘quit’ comedy. Usually it’s for reasons like job, family, money, or skill level and honestly thinking about quitting for any one of those reasons is perfectly fine. I’ve questioned myself for all those issues at least once. So if you’re seriously thinking about it then I feel ya, but I think 95% of comics who make a Facebook post about it are just fishing for compliments. Nothing wrong with wanting to hear positive or negative feedback for doing this. Comedy is a subjective profession and the opinions of others are very important in how we approach this craft, for instance I like to ask the same two or three people that I trust if I did well after every show because I am very insecure about how well I do. However I find it kind of gross to hyperbolize you quitting your comedy career every few months just to get everyone to tell you that you shouldn’t. It’s taking advantage of people who support and love you, again it’s okay just to straight up ask people how you did because then you’re being honest with them and they’ll give you an honest and accurate answer as opposed doing everything it takes to keep you from quitting something they enjoy seeing you do.

Plus I feel like that quitting comedy is a very intimate decision that should be consulted directly with close friends who know you well, not launched into the open subjected to judgement of people who may not know you. It’s your choice on how you handle the personal decision of continuing comedy but manipulating people every three months to fish out compliments is wrong and makes you look thin skinned.

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