Upcoming Shows for June!

Brian Doney

June is turning out to be one of my busiest months. Not only am I working hard to generate more material for people to enjoy but I get to use the craft that I’ve been perfecting over the past few months at so many venues. I’m definitely proud and happy at the good fortune of starting a podcast this month and getting to host comfest! Before you keep reading, remember If you need more information about a show just go to briandoney.com and look at the upcoming events section off to the right of the screen, thanks for your support that has helped me get to this point!

Thursday June 19th- I will be at the first showcase of JamesAR Presents at the Loose Goose Pub & Grill

Friday June 20th- I will be part of the Donato’s Basement comedy showcase a long with comedians from Capital University and OSU

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