This week I’ll be busy doing stand-up in Columbus and parts beyond! If you need more information go to to check out the events column off to the right.

Tonight 7/13 I’ll be at O’Shecky’s popular Sunday open-mic hosted by my buddy James AR Anderson, show starts at 8pm!


Monday 7/14 I’ll be making the rounds at Rehab Tavern hosted by Chris Coen at 7:30 and Nick Glaser’s comedy open-mic at the Shrunken Head at 9pm! I’ll also be releasing another episode of the podcast 5 Minutes or Less, here is last week’s episode in case you missed it!

Tuesday 7/15 I’ll be doing improvised stand-up at Chris Paugh’s stage left comedy show + open-mic at the Garden Theater at 7:30pm!

Thursday 7/17 I’ll be in Cleveland doing stand up for the first time at the Big Little Comedy festival at 9pm! I’ll also be releasing a bonus episode of 5 Minutes or Less to thank all of the listeners for getting the Facebook fan page over 200 likes!

I’m excited and grateful to do so much work this week! Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and psyched to get the week started. By the way, congrats Germany!

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