A Difficult Topic

Last night I told jokes about my mom for what will be the last time for awhile. These past few weeks have made doing stand-up intense and more challenging than I’ve ever experienced before. I tried talking about this at almost every open-mic I went to and although the jokes worked I could feel that this isn’t a joke I can just try out at any open-mic, it’s very personal and dark that really should be saved for longer sets where the audience can get to know me first and understand where I’m coming from. Luckily there was at least one open-mic filled with lovely people who have have gotten to know me so well from watching me over these past couple years that allowed me to try it out and that was the Shrunken Head Comedy Night. Without the Shrunken Head stage and everyone who goes out to it every Monday I couldn’t have come this far and written about a topic that I thought was impossible for me to joke about. Not that I didn’t think the topic was taboo, I just used to think I wasn’t capable or good enough to pull it off, however now I have five minutes about one of the worst pains in my life. I plan to take a break from developing this joke, but I will keep it to reassure myself that I can go into more dark stuff whenever I’m ready to do it again. This material has made me a stronger comedian despite that I was shaky and raw after getting off stage last night. I will develop it again at some point in the future but until then it’s going to be saved for bigger shows while I work on some new ideas. Lots of newcomers have been saying how comfortable they feel at the Shrunken Head, how it feels like home, and I’m proud to say that it’s been my home as well with some really talented and passionate comedians along with the best host I’ve ever seen.

To everyone who has given me encouragement, advice, and five minutes of their attention to work on this material I want to say thank you for helping me get through this.

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