Upcoming Dates

Hey guys, I’m happy to say that this is a busy week for me, and wanted to share with you these upcoming dates.

Tonight (Monday 9/8) I’m returning to guest host the Shrunken Head comedy night! Comedians should come for sign-up at 8pm, show starts at 9pm! Don’t miss out on the best open-mic in Columbus!

Tomorrow (Tuesday 9/9) I’m hosting Comedy at the Mezz at Capital University. Workshop and sign-up time starts at 7:30pm, show starts at 8:30pm! Last week was the first week back and it started very well and entertaining for all the students, and this week will be awesome because Morgan Ward, Stamati A, and Lauren Bencaz headlining!

Wednesday 9/10 I’m hosting my first monthly comedy show at Shane’s Dinner Theater called, Super Comedy: Melee I have very talented people on this show doing stand-up, improv, and live podcasting and I’m even more grateful to call these amazing comedians my friends. Show starts at 8pm! This is best comedy show I’ve ever put together and I’d love to have you come for a big night of laughs.

Being the guest host for Shrunken Head is already a dream come true for me, but also having two other shows that I get to call my own makes me happier than I’ve ever been. It’s been a year ago since I bombed the hardest I ever bombed and barely had five good minutes to my name, since then I’ve worked hard and met some great people along the way and it’s paid off. I’m now entrusted with the best open-mic in the city, I run a weekly open-mic that people love going to week after week, and now I have been given a monthly showcase to put on the funniest people in the city. This past year has been a long, hard, and fun adventure. I want to say thank you to everyone who has been checking up on me, been going to the shows I’ve been on, and always believing in me. This week is going to be big, I’m going to lose a lot of sleep, and going to have so much fun. Please, come join me.

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