Episode 10 – Dasan Valentine & Mike Arndt


Although Columbus has a relatively small pop scene but that doesn’t mean it isn’t bursting with talent. Dasan Valentine is a fresh face in the pop/soul genre with a powerhouse voice. With the help of his partner and song writer Mike Arndt, the two are on the way to becoming the biggest stars out of Columbus and this podcast. Recently signed onto Activate Entertainment, Dasan’s newest album titled Vigilante will be coming out soon on iTunes, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Dasan Valentine will be headlining Bernie’s Heart Riot’s Winterfest on December 13th at 7pm!

Look out for Dasan Valentine’s newest album Vigilante coming out shortly after New Years!

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Special SHOUTOUT to Soundtrack ’96 for providing music for the show!

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Stay tuned for the next show on December 16th, thanks for listening!

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