Episode 19 – Griffin Browning


Brian Doney noticed that after drinking for a year he didn’t learn much about it because people would give advice while he was drunk. So this time Brian asked the Bossy Grrl’s bartender, Griffin Browning, if he could interview him about the art of mixology. Griffin agreed and decided to show Brian his creative process by making five specialty drinks throughout the interview. After discussing mixology the two discuss how Griffin came to be a stand up comedian and the host of the political show FiliBUSTED!

Griffin Browning will be performing in Zeno’s Comedy Showcase. June 27th 8pm.

You can catch Griffin Browning bartending at Bossy Grrl’s PinUp Joint.

Brian Doney Doney was the first guest on Nick Glaser’s Fart Cast, check it out!

Special SHOUTOUT to Soundtrack ’96 for providing music to the show!

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