Episode 26 – The Hip Art Collective


Brian gets a crash course in belly dancing from Athena, Lisa, and Mira founders of the hip art collective. They go over a lot about what belly dancing is traditionally, and how does a dancer go about crafting a new routine. The hip art collective explains it’s mission about welcoming dancers, creating new opportunities, and becoming a united community in Columbus.

Lisa will be presenting at a Ted Talk on November 4th!

Maria has a new website where she discusses Persian culture and art.

Christine Horvath has a podcast called Babes To Know.

Check out Pumpkin Spice Pride Comedy on November 1st!

Check out FiliBUSTED! Live at Shadowbox November 8th!

Special SHOUTOUT to Soundtrack ’96 for providing music to the show!

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Stay tuned for the next show on October 26th, thanks for listening!

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