Episode 27 – My Mom’s Dead

Mom's Dead. Available here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/briandoney12

This special edition of What’s The Deal has guest Gavin Haab, a stranger, who listened to Brian’s debut album My Mom’s Dead. Gavin gives his honest review about the best and worst parts of the album which gives Brian a lot to think about before he starts his month long tour next week.

My Mom’s Dead is now available on Amazon, Spotify, and CD Baby!

Check out the promo video for the Have You Seen My Mom? Tour with Amber Falter!

Check out FiliBUSTED! Live at Shadowbox November 8th!

Special shout out to Anthony Codispoti for filming and editing the promo video!

Special SHOUTOUT to Soundtrack ’96 for providing music to the show!

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Stay tuned for the next show on October 26th, thanks for listening!

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