Brian Doney has been seen at comedy clubs across the Midwest, including Wiley’s in Dayton and the Columbus Funny Bone. Brian’s humor has also made him a favorite at colleges like Capital University and Ohio State. Recently, Brian Doney released his debut album My Mom’s Dead and co-headlined the Have You Seen My Mom? tour with Amber Falter in cities including Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Chicago. In addition to standup, the “Open-Mic Treat” makes use of his improv skills at The Dinner Detective, America’s largest mystery dinner show, and conducts interviews with the best and brightest artists of Columbus, on his award-winning podcast, “What’s The Deal With Creativity?” Brian recently organized live comedy election coverage at Shadowbox with the FiliBUSTED! podcast, a political comedy show where a panel of comedians discusses difficult topics. Brian Doney has also been seen on popular shows with Super Dope Comedy, Whiskey Bear, and Girls, Gags, and Giggles. Brian’s dark storytelling and dorky observational wit make him a favorite with younger audiences or audiences who are young at heart.