After years of writing jokes about kitties and titties, the doom cloud of Columbus comedy recorded his first CD at the Short North Stage. This interview was before his CD recording on April 1st, but Roller Coaster is available for download everywhere, and you can get a sneak peak just before the interview starts. Buy […]

Brian interviews Todd Rector and Briden Schueren from BrickBox studios about their Jump into Spring art gallery. The purpose of which is for artists to come out of hibernation and present their first big work of the year. Todd and Briden share their own art gallery experiences discuss how difficult it can be to finish your art […]

During the Have You Seen My Mom? tour, Brian and Amber met Katlin and Candice on a Rocketship Comedy show in Indianapolis. After hanging out at the show Brian and Amber came over for a day to podcast that ultimately a forged a new friendship. They discuss the Indianapolis comedy scene, sketch writing, and podcasting. Go see […]

Whether you know Casey from Electro Cult Circus or Oddfellows Oddities, there is no question that he is tapped into the creative scene in Columbus. He has dedicated his career to not only make good music but to make meaningful connections to support the performing artists across Columbus. Casey and Brian discuss their motivations to […]

Brian’s thrilled to talk to Miller and The Hunks about their concept EP Would You Like to Yes? making music for their upcoming recording, and their next steps to breaking out in Columbus, and then the world! Find Miller and The Hunks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Listen to their music here. Miller and The Hunks will […]

Silence is Death exhibition explores the social and political role of creatives to ignite change, empower the people, and challenge hatred in our community. Brian Doney talks to Dede Parker, a photographer, and contributor to the Silence is Death gallery about how photography opens up hearts, the role of nudity in art, and the importance […]

Brian Durkin is a Philadelphia-based comic who shares Brian’s love for podcasting, producing, and stand up. The two talk in depth about open mics, writing, and getting your name out there. Brian Durkin is the creator of the Fully Belly Laughs podcast and website. Check out Full Belly Laughs for podcasts and humor articles here! There […]