Live! From Lundberg Industrial Arts Episode 35 – Dean Preston

Can art exist in hell? Can art help you see past the worst mistake in your life? Is it possible to connect with the greatest rejects of society? In this live episode of the podcast, Brian talks on the phone with Dean Preston, an artist from the Marion Correctional Facility about the creative process inside … More Live! From Lundberg Industrial Arts Episode 35 – Dean Preston

Episode 9 – Tiffany “TiffaZilla” Harrell

Tiffany Harrell is the creative mind behind TiffaZilla Designs. She specializes in using color pencil, pastel, airbrush, and charcoal. Her theme is to use vibrant colors to help reveal the light within darkness. She discusses on crossing art mediums, paying attention to yourself to find an artistic voice, and using honesty to create good art. … More Episode 9 – Tiffany “TiffaZilla” Harrell

Episode 1 – Melroy

First episode of Brian’s new monthly podcast features CCAD graduate and freelance artist Melroy who talks about her struggles through freelance and her success as a costume designer by winning second place at Starbase Indy costume competition. We also talk about all the different types of art she does such as paper sculptures and costume … More Episode 1 – Melroy