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Episode 26 – The Hip Art Collective If you’ve been keeping up with the What’s the Deal with Creativity? podcast, then you may remember Athena, Lisa, and Mira discussing the art of Belly Dancing, and their plans to grow the scene in Columbus (this is actually the first time we discussed doing a collaborative show together). Since […]

Brian interviews Todd Rector and Briden Schueren from BrickBox studios about their Jump into Spring art gallery. The purpose of which is for artists to come out of hibernation and present their first big work of the year. Todd and Briden share their own art gallery experiences discuss how difficult it can be to finish your art […]

Silence is Death exhibition explores the social and political role of creatives to ignite change, empower the people, and challenge hatred in our community. Brian Doney talks to Dede Parker, a photographer, and contributor to the Silence is Death gallery about how photography opens up hearts, the role of nudity in art, and the importance […]

February 10th at the Vanderelli room is the 4th year of Dark Love. An art show that examines some of the most devious and dangerous methods we go through to get what we most desire. A.J. Vanderelli and Tona Pearson, curators and paritcipants in the Dark Love show, talk about the impact this show has had on new […]

Brian gets a crash course in belly dancing from Athena, Lisa, and Mira founders of the hip art collective. They go over a lot about what belly dancing is traditionally, and how does a dancer go about crafting a new routine. The hip art collective explains it’s mission about welcoming dancers, creating new opportunities, and […]

Ever thought about getting together to paint in the park? Painting and drinking at bars? Or even just have a party with tie dye shirts? Maybe not, but you probably want to now. All those ideas are actual events happening in Columbus over the next few weeks hosted by the new community arts organization Colorful […]

To celebrate winning the podcast award from Columbus Laughs, Brian talks to William Mount, producer and co-host of Sounds of Bustown and Podcast in a Half Shell. Will has been celebrating the creativity of the Columbus music scene by podcasting and talks with us about the struggles and joys you get from doing a podcast. […]