Silence is Death exhibition explores the social and political role of creatives to ignite change, empower the people, and challenge hatred in our community. Brian Doney talks to Dede Parker, a photographer, and contributor to the Silence is Death gallery about how photography opens up hearts, the role of nudity in art, and the importance […]

Carlos Teel is arguably one of the best joke writers in the city, he spends most of the year writing and doesn’t come out until his high standards are met. You’re going to hear all about Carlos’s writing habits as well as hear stories about the Columbus comedy scene from a decade ago. Please come […]

This special edition of What’s The Deal has guest Gavin Haab, a stranger, who listened to Brian’s debut album My Mom’s Dead. Gavin gives his honest review about the best and worst parts of the album which gives Brian a lot to think about before he starts his month long tour next week. My Mom’s […]

Comedians try to get serious about what Political Correctness is. Talking about where the line for Political Correctness stands in politics, professional, and personal life. And tell stories about how Political Correctness has affected their standup careers. Hosted by Griffin Browning and Pat Deering, this episode of FiliBUSTED! features: Becky Brown, Angie Healey, and Zach […]

Before recently moving to New Orleans, Lauren Bencaz became one of Columbus’ favorite stand up comedians with her tired baby persona and a vocal fry voice that is actually her real voice! On the show she talks about starting out, her stories of becoming a stand up comedian, her writing process, and what she is […]

Daidria Eckels has been transitioning from freelance/commission art work back to creating art for herself and the results are: Truth. Daidria enjoys challenging the world to acknowledge true life experiences, emotions, and values. Usually creating shocking but brave and insightful self-portraits. Daidria Eckels has most of her art on her website here! You can also […]

With new theme music from Soundtrack ’96 Brooke Cartus talks about being a lesbian comedian-lawyer-singer Lady. Brooke goes into depth about PC crowds, handling hecklers, and developing a stage persona. Brooke Cartus has a CD Size L for Lady available on iTunes, a column available at Outlook Ohio Dyke Like Me, and will be headlining Camelot Cellars February […]

Peter Brieck is the 2015 Fall Winner of the Funniest Person in Columbus Competition! He talks about doing physical comedy in his act and how he writes for it. As Peter evolves more as a comedian he wants to address more serious topics in his life on stage and how it can be difficult to […]

Tiffany Harrell is the creative mind behind TiffaZilla Designs. She specializes in using color pencil, pastel, airbrush, and charcoal. Her theme is to use vibrant colors to help reveal the light within darkness. She discusses on crossing art mediums, paying attention to yourself to find an artistic voice, and using honesty to create good art. […]