Episode 26 – The Hip Art Collective If you’ve been keeping up with the What’s the Deal with Creativity? podcast, then you may remember Athena, Lisa, and Mira discussing the art of Belly Dancing, and their plans to grow the scene in Columbus (this is actually the first time we discussed doing a collaborative show together). Since […]

During the Have You Seen My Mom? tour, Brian and Amber met Katlin and Candice on a Rocketship Comedy show in Indianapolis. After hanging out at the show Brian and Amber came over for a day to podcast that ultimately a forged a new friendship. They discuss the Indianapolis comedy scene, sketch writing, and podcasting. Go see […]

Whether you know Casey from Electro Cult Circus or Oddfellows Oddities, there is no question that he is tapped into the creative scene in Columbus. He has dedicated his career to not only make good music but to make meaningful connections to support the performing artists across Columbus. Casey and Brian discuss their motivations to […]

Silence is Death exhibition explores the social and political role of creatives to ignite change, empower the people, and challenge hatred in our community. Brian Doney talks to Dede Parker, a photographer, and contributor to the Silence is Death gallery about how photography opens up hearts, the role of nudity in art, and the importance […]

For our first FiliBITES! back we go into a brief recap of what’s happened since election night. Pat describes witnessing the Women’s March in DC the day after Trump’s inauguration. Lastly, we discuss alternative facts and fake news. Hosted by Griffin Browning and Pat Deering. Filming, audio production, and editing by Brian Doney. A Comedy […]

Nick Glaser learns how to answer to an escalating threat with the Rear Naked Choke Hold. Video includes step by step instructions. Comment below to request a lesson on any particular style or move. Also available on YouTube. Like, Subscribe, or Share if you enjoy watching Brian Doney in pain.

Carlos Teel is arguably one of the best joke writers in the city, he spends most of the year writing and doesn’t come out until his high standards are met. You’re going to hear all about Carlos’s writing habits as well as hear stories about the Columbus comedy scene from a decade ago. Please come […]