Whether you know Casey from Electro Cult Circus or Oddfellows Oddities, there is no question that he is tapped into the creative scene in Columbus. He has dedicated his career to not only make good music but to make meaningful connections to support the performing artists across Columbus. Casey and Brian discuss their motivations to […]

Ten years ago a great comedian died. Three nameless comedians (Brian Doney, Becky Brown, and Bianca Moore, there I named them.) come together today to discuss the bond formed by him and how his work and will has affected all of them. Please, give it up for Mitch Hedberg.

Last night I told jokes about my mom for what will be the last time for awhile. These past few weeks have made doing stand-up intense and more challenging than I’ve ever experienced before. I tried talking about this at almost every open-mic I went to and although the jokes worked I could feel that […]