February 10th at the Vanderelli room is the 4th year of Dark Love. An art show that examines some of the most devious and dangerous methods we go through to get what we most desire. A.J. Vanderelli and Tona Pearson, curators and paritcipants in the Dark Love show, talk about the impact this show has had on new […]

D V-Day is tomorrow. Are you ready guys? Got the reservations? What about the card? You better write her a card you fuck face. Take the Hallmark card you bought and wipe your ass with it because if you can’t hand write her a two page letter then you truly don’t deserve whatever happiness and […]

There is not enough space for me to grieve while stuck on a family road trip through New Jersey, however even if I was alone inside my bedroom back home in Columbus I would still feel like this is a terrible time for Robin Williams to have died. It’s terrible when anyone dies, but he was […]

Something I keep seeing over the past couple years that’s been bothering me: Every few months I see a couple of comedians making a vague status about how they want to ‘quit’ comedy. Usually it’s for reasons like job, family, money, or skill level and honestly thinking about quitting for any one of those reasons […]