Whether you know Casey from Electro Cult Circus or Oddfellows Oddities, there is no question that he is tapped into the creative scene in Columbus. He has dedicated his career to not only make good music but to make meaningful connections to support the performing artists across Columbus. Casey and Brian discuss their motivations to […]

Brian’s thrilled to talk to Miller and The Hunks about their concept EP Would You Like to Yes? making music for their upcoming recording, and their next steps to breaking out in Columbus, and then the world! Find Miller and The Hunks on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Listen to their music here. Miller and The Hunks will […]

Jacob Huffstetler talks about his role on the Sounds of Bustown podcast and learning how to work with others in his band. They discuss the relationship between comedy and music. Jacob also reflects on his own decisions throughout his career as a local musician from high school marching band to Skashank Redemption. Listen to The Sounds Of Bustown […]

Ever thought about getting together to paint in the park? Painting and drinking at bars? Or even just have a party with tie dye shirts? Maybe not, but you probably want to now. All those ideas are actual events happening in Columbus over the next few weeks hosted by the new community arts organization Colorful […]

Punk band Blatant Finger has a tight album Full On Empty but where do they go from there? What did they learn from this one to top themselves next time? Brian Doney asks these questions to band members Tom Barrett, Marc Cerana, Cary Aldridge, and Fred Sarginger. The conversation includes talking about their process on working together to […]

The alternative, psychedelic, and instrumental Rosalie’s Lucid Dream is made up of two brothers, Micah and Christian Foster. The two talk about how they go to great lengths to discover new sounds to make simple, beautiful melodies in their music. The conversation also takes a turn to how being inventive can be lonely or a […]

To celebrate winning the podcast award from Columbus Laughs, Brian talks to William Mount, producer and co-host of Sounds of Bustown and Podcast in a Half Shell. Will has been celebrating the creativity of the Columbus music scene by podcasting and talks with us about the struggles and joys you get from doing a podcast. […]

Brian sits down with band members Nick Messer, Bud McCloskey, and Chaz Finster of Soundtrack ’96 the band that’s been providing music for the show since Episode 2. The conversation reveals the origins of the band and how they evolved into a “Skrunk” favorite in Columbus. Be sure to check out Soundtrack ’96 at Bossy […]