Episode 37 – Casey Ward


Whether you know Casey from Electro Cult Circus or Oddfellows Oddities, there is no question that he is tapped into the creative scene in Columbus. He has dedicated his career to not only make good music but to make meaningful connections to support the performing artists across Columbus. Casey and Brian discuss their motivations to create and how death is the next challenge for creatives and people to embrace.

Check out Electro Cult Circus this Saturday at Shrunken Head!

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Come out to support women at the comedy showcase Lay Off My Labia! tomorrow at Kafe Kerouac!

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Episode 2 – Erik Tait


Comedian, magician, juggler, and lots of other stuff guy Erik Tait is on the show today. Going over a 20 year career in performing brings up a lot of basic rules and principles that cross over the entire spectrum of performance art. Erik shows us how being disciplined can take you from eating fire and selling scam magic decks to making drinks while performing the impossible at Shadowbox. Erik has a comedy CD titled Nerd is the New Black available on iTunes and will be hosting at the Arch City Comedy Festival Sept. 3-5th

Brian will be featuring for Comedy at Ace of Cups August 14th at 6pm for happy hour! And he’ll be hosting BOTU: Art, Mind, & Soul on August 21st at 8pm

Special SHOUTOUT to Soundtrack ’96 for providing music for the show!

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