Episode 38 – Katlin McFee & Candice Connor

During the Have You Seen My Mom? tour, Brian and Amber met Katlin and Candice on a Rocketship Comedy show in Indianapolis. After hanging out at the show Brian and Amber came over for a day to podcast that ultimately a forged a new friendship. They discuss the Indianapolis comedy scene, sketch writing, and podcasting. Go see … More Episode 38 – Katlin McFee & Candice Connor

Live! From Lundberg Industrial Arts Episode 35 – Dean Preston

Can art exist in hell? Can art help you see past the worst mistake in your life? Is it possible to connect with the greatest rejects of society? In this live episode of the podcast, Brian talks on the phone with Dean Preston, an artist from the Marion Correctional Facility about the creative process inside … More Live! From Lundberg Industrial Arts Episode 35 – Dean Preston

Political Corretcness FiliBUSTED! Episode 6

Comedians try to get serious about what Political Correctness is. Talking about where the line for Political Correctness stands in politics, professional, and personal life. And tell stories about how Political Correctness has affected their standup careers. Hosted by Griffin Browning and Pat Deering, this episode of FiliBUSTED! features: Becky Brown, Angie Healey, and Zach … More Political Corretcness FiliBUSTED! Episode 6

Bonus Episode – Mitch Hedberg Anamnesis with Bianca Moore and Becky Brown

Reposting a podcast about Mitch Hedberg’s life and comedy. This was originally posted a year ago with guests Bianca Moore and Becky Brown talking about what Mitch Hedberg meant for them. Whether you’re a Mitch Hedberg fan or new to him this is a good podcast to listen to because you’ll hear some of his best jokes … More Bonus Episode – Mitch Hedberg Anamnesis with Bianca Moore and Becky Brown

FiliBUSTED! Episode 1

The first episode of the podcast that gathers uninformed comedians to talk candidly about politics because they don’t necessarily do it on stage. Hosted by Griffin Browning, this episode features comedians: Pat Deering, Janine Dunmyre, Dusty Estepp, Cecil Heyman, Dan Loper, and Ian Miller. Together they discuss political correctness, climate change, gun control, and much … More FiliBUSTED! Episode 1

Episode 9 – Tiffany “TiffaZilla” Harrell

Tiffany Harrell is the creative mind behind TiffaZilla Designs. She specializes in using color pencil, pastel, airbrush, and charcoal. Her theme is to use vibrant colors to help reveal the light within darkness. She discusses on crossing art mediums, paying attention to yourself to find an artistic voice, and using honesty to create good art. … More Episode 9 – Tiffany “TiffaZilla” Harrell

Fart Cast

This week Brian looks for help to make his podcast more relevant and popular by asking Nick Glaser to propose a new segment for the show. Nick Glaser is the host of the best open-mic in the city Shrunken Head Comedy night, tonight Brian shall be guest hosting for him in his stead. Sign-up starts … More Fart Cast


Jeff Bartlet stops by and has a fun discussion with Brian about the conspiracy behind Jimmy John’s. Brian will be hosting BOTU: Art, Mind, & Soul on August 21st and at 8pm Aug. 23rd at 7:30 he’ll be performing at Wiley’s Sunday Comics Check out the newest episode of “What’s The Deal With Creativity?” Before the … More Phrasing!

Pizza Ray Pizza

Today Georgia Barnes, comedian and President of Buckeye Stand-up Comedy Club, takes food porn to a whole new level. She will be throwing the first Buckeye Stand-up showcase on August 26th in Donato’s Basement and will be on the Actual Wolves Sketch show August 28th at Shrunken Head. Tonight 7pm July 27th I’ll be performing … More Pizza Ray Pizza

Cheesy Projector

This week, possibly holding the record for most appearances on 5 Minutes or Less is Adrian X! You can catch him as the host at Shrunken Head, Hampton’s, and Mickey’s for Karaoke Night which you can follow on Twitter. You should also check out his new screenplay, “49 Shades of Grey: Because #3 Is Just Weird.” You … More Cheesy Projector

Fingering the Peppers

Troy Lewis, local Columbus comedian, and Brian discuss deeply about the existence and purpose of banana peppers. This week’s song “What are You Waiting for?” by Nickelback was brought to us by Random Song of the Day. Please tweet or comment more song suggestions for future episodes! Also available on iTunes, YouTube, Stitcher, & poddirecetory! Thanks for Listening!

Episode 1 – Melroy

First episode of Brian’s new monthly podcast features CCAD graduate and freelance artist Melroy who talks about her struggles through freelance and her success as a costume designer by winning second place at Starbase Indy costume competition. We also talk about all the different types of art she does such as paper sculptures and costume … More Episode 1 – Melroy

Bacon Conspiracy

Kenny Mock opens up a bacon conspiracy which causes Brian to question bacon and life itself. Kenny Mock is a stand-up comedian who will be performing the last weekend in June at the Dayton FunnyBone. Get your tickets here! On June 20th at 8pm will be the return of Super Comedy: Melee at IMPACT Comics … More Bacon Conspiracy

Allegedly Mexican

Brian learns about R.J. Creamer’s plans to become famous while they wait for a Donato’s pizza. On June 20th at 8pm will be the return of Super Comedy: Melee at IMPACT Comics and Collectibles. On June 22nd will be the 5 Minutes or Less year celebration and the release of 5 Minutes or Less The … More Allegedly Mexican


Dave Burkey has some terrible news to tell Brian in this week’s episode of 5 Minutes or Less. Dave will be on the ECC Oddities Talk Show at Bossy Girl June 3rd at 9pm! On June 5th & 6th at 8pm I’ll be performing at Capital University’s Huntington Recital Hall with Matt Light & Friends. … More Dying

Crust 2 Crust

Nick Kardish is with Brian on the podcast and convinces him to have R.J. Creamer on a later episode. You can follow Nick on Twitter and on June 16th it will be his birthday so say happy birthday to the guy! On June 5th & 6th at 8pm I’ll be performing at Capital University’s Huntington … More Crust 2 Crust

Pizza Plane

Teja & Tyler wait with Brian to see if a new method of delivering pizza is possible. Tyler Brunetti will be opening for Hashtag Comedy on May 13th at Shadow Box. This week’s song “Slam” by Onyx was brought to us by Random Song of the Day. Please tweet or comment more song suggestions for future episodes! Also available … More Pizza Plane

Sandwich Fraud

Ricky Mulvey tries to join the 5 Minutes or Less cause but gets caught lying about his past. Tomorrow is Brian’s Birthday! Come out to his 21st Birthday Roast “The Fryin’ of Brian” 8pm Sat, April 4th at Shrunken Head! Also come out to the last Comedy at the Mezz of the semester tomorrow and … More Sandwich Fraud

Mitch Hedberg Anamnesis

Ten years ago a great comedian died. Three nameless comedians (Brian Doney, Becky Brown, and Bianca Moore, there I named them.) come together today to discuss the bond formed by him and how his work and will has affected all of them. Please, give it up for Mitch Hedberg.

Pizza Jock

This week is all about delivery man Aaron Ramirez! Local comedian and podcaster who you can follow on Twitter and check out his podcast and sketches on his website noobthoughts.tv! To check out more comedy shows in Columbus go to the super cool website columbuslaughs.com This week’s song “Forerunner Foray” by Shabazz Palace was brought to us by Random … More Pizza Jock

Gravity Seasons

Ian Milheim, a former employee of Jimmy John’s, confirms that there isn’t a worse way to waste five years. Ian has a trailer for a film to check out called Tenants To check out Columbus comedy shows, podcasts, and albums go to columbuslaughs.com This week’s song was brought to us by Adrian X from Karaoke Tuesdays at Shrunken Head! “We … More Gravity Seasons

Full Body Squeeze Cast

Brian decides to be the bigger man and patch things up with Jameson in the hospital in this week’s 5 Minutes or Less. Jameson is a comedian and fellow podcaster from Columbus who hosts the Squeezecast podcast. To check out more comedy shows in Columbus go to the super cool website columbuslaughs.com This week’s song “Andrew in … More Full Body Squeeze Cast

Jeni’s Pizza

Jameson Rogers host of the Squeeze Cast podcast returns to 5 Minutes or Less! He will be performing on the Super Comedy: Melee show this Saturday February 21st at 8pm and will be on the Alpaca Lips presents the Llamageddon Comedy Hour on Friday February 27th at Strange Loop Records. Please check out Super Comedy: Melee this … More Jeni’s Pizza

Negative W-2

Gilli goes outdoors with Brian while they wait for a pizza from Papa John’s and discuss how Gilli’s children will never make him proud. Gilli is a comedian from Columbus who will be featuring on Comedy at the Mezz Tuesday 8:30pm Feb. 10th, appearing at the Funny Bone Wednesday 7:30pm Feb. 11th, and hosting Comedy … More Negative W-2

5 Minute Honey Moon

This week comedian Chris Coen discusses with Brian about the state of affairs with Italian food, it ain’t looking good. Chris is a regular feature at the Columbus Funny Bone who hosts the Rehab Tavern open-mic every Monday at 7:30 Chris also runs a blog about his life and sells merchandise at his website chriscoencomedy.com … More 5 Minute Honey Moon

Mutant Podcast

Raphael of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has come on to the show today! This was made possible by 5 Minutes or Less Alum Peter Brieck who you can check out on Facebook here. He will be performing on January 19th at 8pm for the Struck a Nerve show at Wild Goose. Comedy at the Mezz … More Mutant Podcast