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Episode 26 – The Hip Art Collective If you’ve been keeping up with the What’s the Deal with Creativity? podcast, then you may remember Athena, Lisa, and Mira discussing the art of Belly Dancing, and their plans to grow the scene in Columbus (this is actually the first time we discussed doing a collaborative show together). Since […]

During the Have You Seen My Mom? tour, Brian and Amber met Katlin and Candice on a Rocketship Comedy show in Indianapolis. After hanging out at the show Brian and Amber came over for a day to podcast that ultimately a forged a new friendship. They discuss the Indianapolis comedy scene, sketch writing, and podcasting. Go see […]

Silence is Death exhibition explores the social and political role of creatives to ignite change, empower the people, and challenge hatred in our community. Brian Doney talks to Dede Parker, a photographer, and contributor to the Silence is Death gallery about how photography opens up hearts, the role of nudity in art, and the importance […]

Jacob Huffstetler talks about his role on the Sounds of Bustown podcast and learning how to work with others in his band. They discuss the relationship between comedy and music. Jacob also reflects on his own decisions throughout his career as a local musician from high school marching band to Skashank Redemption. Listen to The Sounds Of Bustown […]

Comedians try to get serious about what Political Correctness is. Talking about where the line for Political Correctness stands in politics, professional, and personal life. And tell stories about how Political Correctness has affected their standup careers. Hosted by Griffin Browning and Pat Deering, this episode of FiliBUSTED! features: Becky Brown, Angie Healey, and Zach […]

The world needs that guy to make fun, the guy that life just shits on, like George from Seinfeld, Meg from Family Guy, or Sweet Dee from Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Lucas Weese, creator of Battle Blakes, made a game inspired by that guy. Along with producers Nate and Ben, as well as special guest co-host Griffin Browning, Brian interviews […]