Live at the Columbus Podcast Festival Episode 40 – Zach Hannah


This episode was recorded live at the first Columbus Podcast Festival. Zach Hannah, a local poet, performs two original pieces; the Zen Guide to Masturbation and Karate. Zach then joins Brian in a discussion about poetry writing and performing before closing out the first night of the CPF.

The Columbus Podcast festival was successful in raising $1,000 for Women Have Options – Ohio

Please send love to the sponsors of the festival Chepri, Relay Recording, Land Grant Brewing Company, and Blubrry.

Special SHOUTOUT to Miller and The Hunks for providing music to the show!

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Live! From Lundberg Industrial Arts Episode 35 – Dean Preston


Can art exist in hell? Can art help you see past the worst mistake in your life? Is it possible to connect with the greatest rejects of society? In this live episode of the podcast, Brian talks on the phone with Dean Preston, an artist from the Marion Correctional Facility about the creative process inside the walls of hell.

I’ll be at the Funny Stop in Cuyahoga Falls with Amber Falter on March 15th!

I’ll be at Little Rock bar hosted by Johnny Philips March 16th!

Save the date for the Columbus Podcast Festival on April 26th & 27th!

Special SHOUTOUT to Soundtrack ’96 for providing music to the show!

Special SHOUTOUT to my little brother on his Birthday!

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Published Poet!

After getting published at my school’s literary magazine ReCap I’ve decided to announce that I’ve been writing poetry for a while now. This has been a great surprise and I’m happy to have seen hard work in my writing pay off a little. For those who don’t want to buy the book which will be available here once it’s released, I’ve decided to release the three poems that were published in the magazine. Feel free to share or give feedback. I may release more in the future but for right now enjoy Ice WaterHand Me Down, and Washing Up.

Ice Water

Open Swim 10-6

half hour Ice Pop rest

wear orange floaties and

SPF 1-Scary-Fish


Flight by rope swing

fleeting as this summer

brace for impact and

watch for one Scary Fish


Ankle deep in Ice Water

wish your brain was as cold

as an Ice Pop and be a

treat for one Scary Fish


Wait for roses, Ice Melts

tadpoles suck your toes

grab a line and bait the hook

with one Scary Fish

Hand Me Down

Try it on

stuck with Cat hair

it was her winter cardigan

until she grew out of it


Try it on

got puked on once

it was her drinking jacket

until she grew out of it


Try it on

still very damp, but never worn

it was her wedding dress

until she grew out of it


Try it on

snip off the price tag

it’s your new comfort shoes

until you grow out of it

Washing Up

Hands need a washing!

Bug gut squished all over

tiny brains under tiny white

fingernails, a child asks to

learn how to wash off the Sticky Pain


Hands need a washing!

Feminine fluid all over

fingers more reckless than a beekeeper’s and

health class never taught to

wash off the Sticky Pain


Hands need a washing!

Shaking, blurring, and dripping red

gotta wash the paperclip so

it can hold up instead tear down

all this Sticky Pain


These hands need a washing!

Wiped too many tears

opened too many doors

cleanliness is next to Godliness

but Mom never knew how to wash off

   Sticky Pain