Comedians try to get serious about what Political Correctness is. Talking about where the line for Political Correctness stands in politics, professional, and personal life. And tell stories about how Political Correctness has affected their standup careers. Hosted by Griffin Browning and Pat Deering, this episode of FiliBUSTED! features: Becky Brown, Angie Healey, and Zach […]

Tiffany Harrell is the creative mind behind TiffaZilla Designs. She specializes in using color pencil, pastel, airbrush, and charcoal. Her theme is to use vibrant colors to help reveal the light within darkness. She discusses on crossing art mediums, paying attention to yourself to find an artistic voice, and using honesty to create good art. […]

Today may be the greatest episode of 5 Minutes or Less of all time. And it’s with comedian Larry Wilson aka L Dub Nation. Brian will be featuring for Comedy at Ace of Cups August 14th at 6pm for happy hour! And he’ll be hosting BOTU: Art, Mind, & Soul on August 21st at 8pm Check out the newest […]

First episode of Brian’s new monthly podcast features CCAD graduate and freelance artist Melroy who talks about her struggles through freelance and her success as a costume designer by winning second place at Starbase Indy costume competition. We also talk about all the different types of art she does such as paper sculptures and costume […]

Brian learns about R.J. Creamer’s plans to become famous while they wait for a Donato’s pizza. On June 20th at 8pm will be the return of Super Comedy: Melee at IMPACT Comics and Collectibles. On June 22nd will be the 5 Minutes or Less year celebration and the release of 5 Minutes or Less The […]

Dave Burkey has some terrible news to tell Brian in this week’s episode of 5 Minutes or Less. Dave will be on the ECC Oddities Talk Show at Bossy Girl June 3rd at 9pm! On June 5th & 6th at 8pm I’ll be performing at Capital University’s Huntington Recital Hall with Matt Light & Friends. […]

Comedian Dusty Estepp talks to Brian about how Domino’s has no future, his bad ass cats, and describes his life as a working class pizza man. You can follow Dusty on Twitter here. You can also see me getting slapped while I guest host the Shrunken Head open-mic tonight at 9pm! Today’s song was recommended […]